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How to Connect ADSL filter

ADSL filters are required to connect telephony devices to your phone line without causing interference to your ADSL2+ Internet connection. 

Common telephony devices include:

  • Telephones
  • Fax machines
  • Foxtel
  • Back to base alarms
  • EFTPOS machines

Every connected telephony device in your premises must be connected to your phone wall socket/s using ADSL filters. Note that these telephony devices could be     connected to different phone wall sockets around your home. Please see example in the diagram below.

Your ADSL2+ modem must not be connected to a filter to work properly, however other telephony device (e.g. telephone) connected to the same phone wall           socket as your modem does require a filter. Please check that your cabling is done the right way as shown in the diagram below.



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