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Perform Intermittent ADSL Connection Troubleshooting

First Step in Troubleshooting

  1. Restart your computer and your Broadband equipment (router/modem). 
  2. Connect your computer to your modem using an Ethernet cable. 
  3. Close any software on your computer which uses the Connection– including games, peer-to-peer software, email clients, chat clients and web pages. 
  4. If your modem has a time-out feature disable this.
  5. Replace ADSL filters
  6. Ensure no more than 4 devices are connected to telephone line (e.g. cordless handset, fax, security alarm, fax machine, Foxtel, corded handset, modem, separate caller ID device, extra loud telephone ringer, medical equipment etc..)

NOTE: Monitor the Connection for around 24 hours, or until it’s clear whether the issue is still present or not.


Second Step if your Connection is still dropping

  1. Perform an initial isolation test first without changing your current configuration. Your router should be the only device connected to the land line. Allow it to connect to the Internet then dial your phone number (e.g. using your mobile phone). Let the number ring and listen for static/crackle on the line. If there is static then you should call your ISP, report these results and request a line test due to noise. 
  2. Use a short cable (~1-3 metres) to connect your router to your line / wall socket. 
  3. With the help of technical support, factory reset your router and re-enter your ISP connection details. Check with Clear Networks that your router is properly configured possibly 
  4. Change your ADSL modem connection mode from ADSL2/ADSL2+ to G.DMT. Reduce your connection speed with your ISP if this functionality is provided. 
  5. Replace your ADSL Line Filter. 
  6.  Test your connection using a borrowed or new modem. If there no disconnects during the isolation test with the borrowed / new router then your old router is likely to be the issue. I recommend this step after the above steps because obtaining a router might be difficult / expensive. Clear Networks may also be willing to send out a loan router for resolving your problem. 



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