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NBN Skymuster - Speed during peak times

Dear NBN Skymuster users, 

Regarding your internet speed during peak times. NBN imposes strict fair use policy guidelines to ensure all users are given a fair speed. Because of this, your service may operate to an 'up to' speed during peak times. This means that you will not get your full bandwidth 24/7. All ISPs must abide by these guidelines set by the NBN. 

To provide an affordable connection, your service is provided on a contended basis. This means that you and other customers use the same NBN infrastructure. As NBN enforce that we adhere to these fair use policies, and contention ratios, we cannot guarantee that you will get your full bandwidth during peak times. We are currently working on implementing measures to ensure and enforce fair usage during peak times.

We apologise for any inconvenience this may cause.


Kind Regards,

Clear Networks Support Team

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