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Broadband Connection Error 769 In PPPoE Connection (Windows XP)

Customers may sometimes experience a "769" error when attempting to access our wireless service.

In summary this error indicates there is no available network card to attempt a connection on.

  • The error can be caused by a few things
  • The computers network card is disabled (This is the most common cause) -
  • Your cables are connected incorrectly or not connected
  • The CPE (Customer premises equipment - Equipment on the rood) has lost power,

Please check your power connections. If the computer is a laptop, the network port may deactivate whilst on battery power,ensure the laptop is plugged into power before calling our Technical Support team.

There are a few tests you can run to ensure the fault is not related to your equipment.

First off click "Start" in the lower left corner of the screen and then "Control Panel" (it may be under "settings" on some configurations)












Click on "Network and Internet Connections" (Note if the background for Control Panel is white instead of blue, skip this step)

Click on "Network Connections"

Locate your "Local Area Connection" in the list, if the screens are grey, continue to the next step. if there is a red cross, check your cable connections.

Right click on your "Local Area Connection" and left click "Enable" in the list that pops up

The connection will enable

Once this has been completed, close the network connections window and attempt to connect again. If you are still offline after following these steps, please call our customer care team on 1300 855 215

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